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Holla Knits Knitting

Hearts! <3 <3 <3

Today I have a guest blog post on the Holla Knits blog for my upcoming design in the Accessories Collection: some adorable heart-cutout gloves knit in Copper Corgi Fiber Studio sock yarn. I’m so excited to be having my second pattern published, and have really enjoyed the challenge of designing gloves.

Here’s a little preview! Go to Holla Knits and check out the rest!

Heart gloves

<3 <3 <3

Fiber Factor Knitting

Featherbutt! A review of the Fiber Factor Challenge 3

After a busy day of work, knitting and delicious faux-Mexican food, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the Fiber Factor judging for Challenge 3.  I’ve definitely got some thoughts. I love that even though they all used the same yarn, everyone’s result was so different.

My favorites:

I think you can guess from the title of this post what my favorite piece was: Lauren’s owl onesie and matching toy. I just loved the little details, like the textured tummy and of course, the little tail feathers. It reminded me of Max’s monster costume in Where the Wild Things Are, and I think the pattern could easily be tweaked to make it. What parent wouldn’t want to put their kid in this?

Frankly, I think Lauren should have won, but admittedly I’m a bit biased, as she’s the one I’ve been rooting for since she made that adorable hot pink dress in Challenge 1. I would knit that in a heartbeat. And I loved the ombré effect she used in the second challenge.

However, I did really like Tracy’s piece. The double layered cape is definitely on trend for this season, and her photography really was spot on. I love a good black and white photo. The cape looks so comfortable, plus the yarn really does it justice.

Least favorites:

I wasn’t a fan of Katie’s rug. It wasn’t a good use of the yarn, and it reminded me of a dishcloth. Though I admit that there is a market for pricey rugs (and I’m not in that camp), this looks like something you could find at Target or something.

Natalie’s cardigan also didn’t impress me. I wanted to like it, I really did. I really liked the back, but the front was really unflattering. If the front had been simpler, it would have been so much better.

I do have to give everyone props though, I know this sort of thing isn’t easy, especially with the crazy time constraints. But I’ve been having fun watching, and I hope that they’ll keep this going. Can’t wait for the next challenge!


WIP Wednesday: August 14, 2013

It’s been a quiet week here, so there’s not much to show today. I just have an update on my Windswept: I’m down to the decreases on sleeve 1! Yay for neverending Stockinette! I find the sleeves to be the most annoying part of a sweater: they’re tedious, and once you’re done with one, you have to make another. Just like second-sock syndrome. Anyway, here is the progress shot for this week.


The sleeve is growing…sort of.

And for your amusement, a cat photobomb.

And for your amusement, a cat photobomb.

Knitting WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: August 7, 2013

I only have 3 major projects on the needles at the moment, 2 of which I’ll share today. First is the Windswept from Tin Can Knits’ Handmade in the UK. I absolutely fell in love with the patterns in this book, and downloaded it the day it came out. I’m knitting it in Malabrigo Arroyo in a lovely purple-grey colorway. But, as with all things Malabrigo, dye lot is a big fat lie. So throughout the body, I’ve been alternating 3 separate skeins. And why yes, they do get tangled. However, I’m on to the sleeves, which is perfect knitting for rewatching Breaking Bad in time for the final season.

Windswept progress shot

Windswept in Progress

Speaking of tangling, this brings me to my other project (which is a bit of a mouthful) Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo. It’s a African-inspired square, and the name translates to “Help Me, and Let me Help You.” I’m making it for my friend Amy’s ambitious display of knitted pieces for her job. She’s knitting a display for a college library with things that pertain to some of the school’s majors. My piece is for the Africana Studies major, but some other pieces she’s made are a brain hat (Psychology), some Democrat and Republican gloves (Political Science) and the Hwaet! socks (English), which feature stranded colorwork of the Old English text of the first page of Beowulf.

Anyway, my piece has four colors of yarn, and a couple extra bobbins for the intarsia, hence all the tangling. I’m halfway done, and it’s going to require some serious blocking.

African Square

Halfway there! Note the yarn going outside the shot. Not looking forward to weaving in all those ends…

The third project will warrant its own post later. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

Knitting TSC Artyarns

Trailing Vines Shawl

I’m beginning this blogging journey on the advent of my first knitwear design being published. It is the Trailing Vines Shawl, featured in the TSC Artyarns Second Collection. It’s knit in the oh-so-soft Tranquility yarn, a wool/cashmere/silk blend in the rainforest colorway.


This colorway is one of my favorites with its greens and blues mingling together, but with no unpleasant pooling. I’ve already made this ball into a cake, as I’m planning to make another one of this shawl out of it (when I find the time). The finished product is so light and lofty, and only uses one skein of the yarn. I absolutely love the lace pattern, which is a vintage lace edging, and the garter stitch body is simple enough to complement the lace. You can comment on this TSC Artyarns Ravelry thread for a chance to win a pattern from the collection.


See you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday!




Hello world! Again…

Welcome to the newest incarnation of my blogging efforts. I hope you’ll stick around and keep up with my latest news and designs.