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Fiber Factor Knitting

Stockinette-ception: A Review of the Fiber Factor Challenge 4

Yo dawg, I heard you like Stockinette stitch. So I’ll make Stockinette stitch out of Stockinette stitch. Can you tell what one of my faves was this week? I suppose I’ll just skip right to it.

I loved Steve’s vest. He used the machine in a more inventive way by making the strips and re-knitting them. It’s so crazy, but I want it. I could rock it. One of my knitting friends has an I-cord machine, and I’m thinking I might want to borrow it from her and generate something like this for myself.

I also really loved Lauren’s ensemble. I would knit it in a different color, but the pink is very her. I could see this being adorable as a mother-daughter matching set. You could even knit one for a favorite doll, just to be even matchier. And it has so much potential in splitting up the pieces and wearing them separately. Also, twirly skirts make me happy.

I was surprised that Rachel’s skirt didn’t rank higher. It was also adorable and had that same twirliness that I really enjoy.

Least favorites? I guess I’d have to say Katie’s pants (though props for the creativity) and I didn’t love John’s cardigan as much as the judges did. Katie’s pants weren’t very flattering, but she did such a good job selling it that I felt a little bad for not liking it. I felt like John’s cardigan was kinda boring, but I’m a little bias because I don’t really like plaid. Plus, men’s sweaters are just trickier in general, since you can’t use as many colors. Maybe I would like it better in person.

That being said, I kinda want to play with a knitting machine. They made it look fun to do, and I could have sweaters a lot faster.

Looking forward to seeing what Challenge 5 will be. The theme is Wearable Art, but what’s the twist? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Knitting Uncategorized WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: September 11, 2013

Just keep ribbing, just keep ribbing… That’s what I keep telling myself as I work my way through the beginning of my newest project: the Creature Park Cardigan. This is what happens when two sweaters become one. It’s a hybrid between the ubiquitous Central Park Hoodie and the slightly less ubiquitous Creature Comforts Cardi. But one thing these two sweaters have in common is a whole lot of 2×2 ribbing. And I hate ribbing. It’s that perfect cross between mindless knitting and having to think, yet it never reaches either one. However, it’s a necessary evil, for it is very useful.

I have less than an inch to go on this ribbing section, and then it’s on to the fun part. The beautiful oak leaf cable pattern pulled from Creature Comforts.

I almost forgot to mention that sweater isn’t for me. It is for a wonderful friend who has been transplanted to Michigan, where it is far colder than the South. At least she can wear the cozy sweaters that I cannot. My goal is to finish this by Christmas.

This is the first time I’ve knit a sweater that isn’t for me or a baby/toddler. So this will be interesting. Follow my project page for more.

Just keep ribbing!

Just keep ribbing!


Knit Like the Wind(swept)!

I am officially out of blog hibernation (blogernation?) following some busy work weeks and a Labor Day weekend trip to Michigan. Between these things, I had barely had the time to knit. But finally, my Windswept is done! I’m really happy with it, it fits well, the lace looks beautiful after blocking, and because it’s top-down and seamless, there’s was not much finishing to do. I gave myself more work in that regard because I alternated three balls of Malabrigo throughout. And oh yes, there were tangles. But never mind that, because it’s done! And I couldn’t wait until Friday to post this. Check out my Ravelry project page for more.

I do love Tin Can Knits patterns. So much that I already have plans and yarn to make another one of their patterns. Someday. In the future. But not yet, because I have another project in the works. More about that on Wednesday.

Windswept is finished!

I am not the most photogenic blogger, can’t you tell?