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A new hat for Friday

This week, I was in dire need of a quick project to take a break from the Bridgette Skirt. Since I’m done with the chevron panels, I’m on the polka dots section that requires intarsia, and isn’t especially portable. So, a nice hat was the answer. I saw the Dusty Miller Hat show up a few days ago, and really liked the look of it. It’ll be a great hat for those days when it’s still a tiny bit chilly, which I will welcome after this crazy polar vortex.

I used yarn from my stash, some FibraNatura Yummy in the Mint colorway that I found on the cheap at Tuesday Morning. (Woo Tuesday Morning!) I also had to go up a hook size, as I’m always a tight crocheter. And blocking worked wonders in making this hat look good. I was skeptical on my try-on, but after blocking, it’s growing on me. I’ve worn it all day.

I haven’t crocheted in a while, even though I learned that before I learned to knit. It’s nice to go back to your roots sometimes. Though despite having done this for a while, I had never done a foundation single crochet. And I think I’ll never go back to the traditional chain X number again if I can help it. Never again will I have to keep count of a crazy number of chains, only to find I did too many or came up short.


Yay for iPad selfies and poorly lit apartments!

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Knitting Savannah TSC Artyarns

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Whew! I’m finally settled in from moving, and it’s been a busy post-holiday season. I finished my “Creature Park” (Central Park Hoodie and Creature Comforts hybrid), and it has made its way to its new home in Michigan, where it’s been getting a lot of wear. (Sadly, I did not get to snap a photo of it before I mailed it, as it had already not made it in time for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one from the recipient.) My current project is the Bridgette Skirt by Alex Capshaw-Taylor, and I’ve finished one of the chevron panels so far. I started the second one trying to make the colors match, but quickly realized it was a lost cause. I fell in love with this skirt because of the zig-zags and polka dots, plus it’s a good use for Noro. I’ve never made a skirt before, so this will be fun. It’s a really fun knit, and it’s progressing quickly enough. I need to get it done before the Savannah weather decides to snap out of this cold spell.

On another note, I have a new design out! It’s called the Teardrops Shawl, and it’s part of the TSCArtyarns Little Luxuries collection. Funny story: it was photographed with the wrong side facing front, as you’ll see on Ravelry. It doesn’t look terrible that way, and it’s nice to know that it’s easily reversible. The shot featuring the right side is at the bottom of the photos.

I hope to be better about updating this now that it’s not Christmas and I’m not dealing with boxes. I’ll keep you posted! I’ve got a new design in the works that I should be able to share soon.