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Something, something, polka dots…Something, something, complete.

My Bridgette Skirt is done! I couldn’t wait until Friday to post this, for I am an impatient soul. It took me a while to actually start liking this when I first put this on, for pencil skirts can be a hard shape for me to pull off. So I made a few mods that made me feel better about the piece. First, I made the waistband 3 inches instead of 1 1/2. This way, it looks a little better if I decide to tuck it in. I also decided that the pattern’s back side looked better as the front. After my first wear, I also decided to changing the elastic. I’m going to make a fabric casing for the elastic instead of knitting it so there won’t be so much bulk around the waist. So, enough words, I’m posting pictures now!

Bridgette Skirt front

The front (originally back).

Bridgette Skirt back

And the back (originally front).



Knitting WIP Wednesday

Works in progress: February 12, 2014

For once, I’m sharing my WIPs on Wednesday. Quite an accomplishment. I’m still working on the Bridgette Skirt (project page) and I’m onto the fourth and final panel. All those intarsia polka dots are fun, but I don’t fancy having to weave in all those ends. But with this all this cold weather we’ve been having, at least my fears of it being too warm to wear the finished product are unfounded.

Bridgette WIP

Closeup on one of the chevron panels.

Bridgette WIP 2

Polka dots!

I’ve also cast on for Bonny, another project from Tin Can Knits’ Handmade in the UK. After being so happy with my Windswept, I had to knit another project from the Collection. So far, just a few inches of Stockinette down, and about 8 to go. I’m working in Misti Alpaca Lace in the delicious Mojito colorway. It’s mostly greens with splashes of lavender and yellow. This yarn is going to knit up so soft and drapey, and this project is perfect for knitting group. I can talk all I want and not mess up. 🙂 I’m also going to attempt to do beading on the top lace portion, inspired by another project I saw.  Here’s my project page, in its not-so-exciting glory.

Bonny WIP

Hard to photograph a curling Stockinette tube…