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Fiber Factor Knitting

Stockinette-ception: A Review of the Fiber Factor Challenge 4

Yo dawg, I heard you like Stockinette stitch. So I’ll make Stockinette stitch out of Stockinette stitch. Can you tell what one of my faves was this week? I suppose I’ll just skip right to it.

I loved Steve’s vest. He used the machine in a more inventive way by making the strips and re-knitting them. It’s so crazy, but I want it. I could rock it. One of my knitting friends has an I-cord machine, and I’m thinking I might want to borrow it from her and generate something like this for myself.

I also really loved Lauren’s ensemble. I would knit it in a different color, but the pink is very her. I could see this being adorable as a mother-daughter matching set. You could even knit one for a favorite doll, just to be even matchier. And it has so much potential in splitting up the pieces and wearing them separately. Also, twirly skirts make me happy.

I was surprised that Rachel’s skirt didn’t rank higher. It was also adorable and had that same twirliness that I really enjoy.

Least favorites? I guess I’d have to say Katie’s pants (though props for the creativity) and I didn’t love John’s cardigan as much as the judges did. Katie’s pants weren’t very flattering, but she did such a good job selling it that I felt a little bad for not liking it. I felt like John’s cardigan was kinda boring, but I’m a little bias because I don’t really like plaid. Plus, men’s sweaters are just trickier in general, since you can’t use as many colors. Maybe I would like it better in person.

That being said, I kinda want to play with a knitting machine. They made it look fun to do, and I could have sweaters a lot faster.

Looking forward to seeing what Challenge 5 will be. The theme is Wearable Art, but what’s the twist? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Fiber Factor Knitting

Featherbutt! A review of the Fiber Factor Challenge 3

After a busy day of work, knitting and delicious faux-Mexican food, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the Fiber Factor judging for Challenge 3.  I’ve definitely got some thoughts. I love that even though they all used the same yarn, everyone’s result was so different.

My favorites:

I think you can guess from the title of this post what my favorite piece was: Lauren’s owl onesie and matching toy. I just loved the little details, like the textured tummy and of course, the little tail feathers. It reminded me of Max’s monster costume in Where the Wild Things Are, and I think the pattern could easily be tweaked to make it. What parent wouldn’t want to put their kid in this?

Frankly, I think Lauren should have won, but admittedly I’m a bit biased, as she’s the one I’ve been rooting for since she made that adorable hot pink dress in Challenge 1. I would knit that in a heartbeat. And I loved the ombré effect she used in the second challenge.

However, I did really like Tracy’s piece. The double layered cape is definitely on trend for this season, and her photography really was spot on. I love a good black and white photo. The cape looks so comfortable, plus the yarn really does it justice.

Least favorites:

I wasn’t a fan of Katie’s rug. It wasn’t a good use of the yarn, and it reminded me of a dishcloth. Though I admit that there is a market for pricey rugs (and I’m not in that camp), this looks like something you could find at Target or something.

Natalie’s cardigan also didn’t impress me. I wanted to like it, I really did. I really liked the back, but the front was really unflattering. If the front had been simpler, it would have been so much better.

I do have to give everyone props though, I know this sort of thing isn’t easy, especially with the crazy time constraints. But I’ve been having fun watching, and I hope that they’ll keep this going. Can’t wait for the next challenge!