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Holla Knits Knitting TNNA

The obligatory post-TNNA post

Finally getting back to updating this little blog! It’s been pretty crazy since I went to TNNA, the biggest trade show in the yarn industry. I met so many great people, and saw all these great yarns that I’m itching to design with. I also got to have a nice Sunday breakfast with my fellow Holla Knits designers in attendance.

Yes, I know this post is a little late to be about the show, but I did a little week-long Midwest tour to visit family and friends in Illinois and Michigan because I was already in Indianapolis. So to put the cherry on top of a productive business trip, I got to end it with relaxing time visiting people I don’t get to see often enough. It involved many forms of transit, from buses to trains to planes. I only wish I’d been able to take a boat somewhere, just to complete the major modes of transit.

This was my first show, and I’ll absolutely go again. Since going, I feel more like a grown-up designer, and not just a wannabe staring at Ravelry and dreaming about designing. The cogs have been turning on all these new ideas that I want to pursue. I spent yesterday fleshing out new design ideas and swatching, and since today is a gross, dreary, rainy day in Georgia, I think I’ll be swatching some more. Woo!

I also succumbed to the Instagram monster during TNNA, and it’s been a little addicting. I’ve been posting some fun pics, including some of my cats (of course). I’m clairesandow on there, just like my Twitter. Follow me, please!

Holla Knits Knitting Savannah

On new designs and moving

I’m writing this in the midst of a sea of boxes (and two cats that jump into them), in the middle of packing up my house for my next big adventure: moving to Savannah.

So why yes, being part of a blog tour is a nice break from packing. I’m really happy to be a part of the Holla Knits Accessories Collection with my design No Glove(s) No Love. I knew from the second I saw Allyson’s Pinterest board for this collection, that I wanted this glove to happen. And I’m so glad it did! It’s a perfect knit for a little challenge, but it still only takes one skein and not too much time. Plus, short rows make the knitting go even quicker. And frankly, I’m a sucker for unusual construction. Why use the same methods when a new one can create the same end result?

This is only my second published pattern ever, so everything to do with designing and publishing is so thrilling to me. I keep watching the number of favorites climb up, and I was so excited to see another project for this pattern. Here’s hoping to see many more.

Since getting my sample back, I’ve been wearing them everywhere. I’m loving the bright pink of the Copper Corgi’s beautiful yarn. Never mind that it’s in the 60s in Georgia, and we don’t really need gloves yet. They’re just that cute.

Well, that’s it for me. Gotta keep packing. Be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the Holla Knits blog tour! Tomorrow’s stop, Baah Yarns, has a yarn giveaway! And who doesn’t love winning yarn?

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Holla Knits Knitting

It’s a Holla-day!

I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while now. My newest design, No Glove(s) No Love, is live and available for purchase as part of the Holla Knits Accessories 2013 Collection! The pink ones are knit in Copper Corgi Fiber Studio Fingering/Sock weight yarn, and the grey ones are knit in Knit Picks Capretta. You can find it on Ravelry and Craftsy, and it will be available on Knit Picks soon. I’ll be talking more about my pattern on November 20 as part of the Holla Knits blog tour. I’m so proud to be part of such a great group of designers and indie dyers! See the rest of the Holla Knits Accessories Collection here.

No Glove(s) No Love

Love the Copper Corgi yarn!

KP No Glove(s) No Love

Shown in Knit Picks Capretta in Caviar


Holla Knits Knitting

Hearts! <3 <3 <3

Today I have a guest blog post on the Holla Knits blog for my upcoming design in the Accessories Collection: some adorable heart-cutout gloves knit in Copper Corgi Fiber Studio sock yarn. I’m so excited to be having my second pattern published, and have really enjoyed the challenge of designing gloves.

Here’s a little preview! Go to Holla Knits and check out the rest!

Heart gloves

<3 <3 <3