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Knitting Sewing WIP Wednesday

Out of hibernation

This weekend, I felt the inexplicable urge to work on a sewing project, something I haven’t done in a while. So I pulled the beginnings of a quilt out of a (possibly more than) year-long hibernation.

The pattern is French Roses, which looks kinda dowdy in the sample picture because of the color choice, but I bought the pattern after seeing more colorful versions that turned out well, like the ones on this Pinterest board.

Mine is a riot of color, using two sets of fat quarter bundles that I bought years ago from JoAnn’s, with some scraps of green fat eighths to make the leaves.

It's a lot of work making such pretty flowers.

It’s a lot of work making such pretty flowers.

After pinning all the flowers together, I faced the challenge of deciding on an acceptable layout with the limitations of a small apartment and two cats.

French Roses Progress 2


But a layout decision has been reached! I just have to applique all the flowers and sew the squares together. Maybe next week.

I also finished the first wedge on my Lopes cardi-skirt/skirt-igan (cardi-skirt-igan?).


I keep worrying that I’ve miswrapped a stitch or miscounted, but so far, so good. I like how the elongated stitch wedges are coming together. This is going to require some serious blocking when it’s done, and I wonder if my apartment is up to the challenge.