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What will I binge on next?

This week, I hit a milestone. After months of binge watching, and having never watched it while it was on, I finished watching Gilmore Girls. And frankly, the last two seasons just weren’t very good. I was kinda disappointed in how it all ended, I wanted Lorelai and Luke to go on the boat trip together. I mean, April did conveniently back out because science camp, leaving the perfect opening for another companion.

However, it did provide me with plenty of knitting fodder. I’m past the first sleeve hole on my Lopes, which has been a good project for TV knitting. Not too much thought, except for the elongated stitch wedges.

First armhole done!

But I won’t have to wait long for another thing to binge watch: Orange is the New Black starts next week! And how convenient that I’m knitting something orange.


Welcome back, Blogger

Wow, it’s been a while. Yep.

A lot has happened since I last updated this blog: a new job, new apartment, and not as much knitting time as I’d like.

But hey, there’s no time like the present to get back on the wagon, right?

I’m finalizing a new design for my LYS, and I’ll be releasing it soon.

And I designed this cool hat too:

Double Gradient Hat: slouchy, triangles and a pom-pom make for a really fun hat!

I’ll try my best to keep this updated again!



Congratulations to my friend Flossie on her new design, the Apocketmitts! A perfect knit for the apocalypse survivor, with hidden pockets in each glove to hide any number of small items. It’s part of the new pattern collection, Doomsday Knits, coming in December. Her design is today’s stop on the Doomsday Knits blog tour, which I’ve been following with interest. Looking forward to what’s coming next in this awesome collection!

Knitting Uncategorized WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: September 11, 2013

Just keep ribbing, just keep ribbing… That’s what I keep telling myself as I work my way through the beginning of my newest project: the Creature Park Cardigan. This is what happens when two sweaters become one. It’s a hybrid between the ubiquitous Central Park Hoodie and the slightly less ubiquitous Creature Comforts Cardi. But one thing these two sweaters have in common is a whole lot of 2×2 ribbing. And I hate ribbing. It’s that perfect cross between mindless knitting and having to think, yet it never reaches either one. However, it’s a necessary evil, for it is very useful.

I have less than an inch to go on this ribbing section, and then it’s on to the fun part. The beautiful oak leaf cable pattern pulled from Creature Comforts.

I almost forgot to mention that sweater isn’t for me. It is for a wonderful friend who has been transplanted to Michigan, where it is far colder than the South. At least she can wear the cozy sweaters that I cannot. My goal is to finish this by Christmas.

This is the first time I’ve knit a sweater that isn’t for me or a baby/toddler. So this will be interesting. Follow my project page for more.

Just keep ribbing!

Just keep ribbing!


WIP Wednesday: August 14, 2013

It’s been a quiet week here, so there’s not much to show today. I just have an update on my Windswept: I’m down to the decreases on sleeve 1! Yay for neverending Stockinette! I find the sleeves to be the most annoying part of a sweater: they’re tedious, and once you’re done with one, you have to make another. Just like second-sock syndrome. Anyway, here is the progress shot for this week.


The sleeve is growing…sort of.

And for your amusement, a cat photobomb.

And for your amusement, a cat photobomb.


Hello world! Again…

Welcome to the newest incarnation of my blogging efforts. I hope you’ll stick around and keep up with my latest news and designs.