The obligatory post-TNNA post

Finally getting back to updating this little blog! It’s been pretty crazy since I went to TNNA, the biggest trade show in the yarn industry. I met so many great people, and saw all these great yarns that I’m itching to design with. I also got to have a nice Sunday breakfast with my fellow Holla Knits designers in attendance.

Yes, I know this post is a little late to be about the show, but I did a little week-long Midwest tour to visit family and friends in Illinois and Michigan because I was already in Indianapolis. So to put the cherry on top of a productive business trip, I got to end it with relaxing time visiting people I don’t get to see often enough. It involved many forms of transit, from buses to trains to planes. I only wish I’d been able to take a boat somewhere, just to complete the major modes of transit.

This was my first show, and I’ll absolutely go again. Since going, I feel more like a grown-up designer, and not just a wannabe staring at Ravelry and dreaming about designing. The cogs have been turning on all these new ideas that I want to pursue. I spent yesterday fleshing out new design ideas and swatching, and since today is a gross, dreary, rainy day in Georgia, I think I’ll be swatching some more. Woo!

I also succumbed to the Instagram monster during TNNA, and it’s been a little addicting. I’ve been posting some fun pics, including some of my cats (of course). I’m clairesandow on there, just like my Twitter. Follow me, please!

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