What will I binge on next?

This week, I hit a milestone. After months of binge watching, and having never watched it while it was on, I finished watching Gilmore Girls. And frankly, the last two seasons just weren’t very good. I was kinda disappointed in how it all ended, I wanted Lorelai and Luke to go on the boat trip together. I mean, April did conveniently back out because science camp, leaving the perfect opening for another companion.

However, it did provide me with plenty of knitting fodder. I’m past the first sleeve hole on my Lopes, which has been a good project for TV knitting. Not too much thought, except for the elongated stitch wedges.

First armhole done!

But I won’t have to wait long for another thing to binge watch: Orange is the New Black starts next week! And how convenient that I’m knitting something orange.

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